Friday, December 5, 2014

Peter Pan Live!: Reviews

Kudos to NBC for presenting Peter Pan Live!

After last year's The Sound of Music, starring Carrie Underwood, a ratings success, NBC obviously found reason to try another musical production broadcast on live TV.

While I didn't just sit and actually watch the entire program for three hours, giving it my undivided attention, I watched enough.

Yes, Christopher Walker as Captain Hook was a hook that no doubt boosted ratings. Twitter was loaded with "cowbell" references and attempts at jokes. Even NBC jumped on the cowbell bandwagon.


To say reviews of the production were mixed would be inaccurate.

It was pretty much panned.

For example:

The Daily Beast, Kevin Fallon -- ‘Peter Pan Live!’ Review: No Amount of Clapping Brings It to Life

Associated Press, Mark Kennedy Drama Writer -- TV Review: NBC's 'Peter Pan' Falls Sadly Flat

MorningAfter, Gawker, Aleksander Chan -- Peter Pan Live Was the Worst Three-Hour Drag Show We've Ever Seen

New York Daily News -- 'Peter Pan Live!' musical fails to take flight: review

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch -- TV review: 'Peter Pan Live!' hits bumps en route to Neverland

Sioux City Journal -- REVIEW: Christopher Walken didn't hook viewers into 'Peter Pan Live'
Not all reviews were negative, however. There were some kind words as well.
The Hollywood Reporter, Tim Goodman -- 'Peter Pan Live!': TV Review

USA Today, Robert Bianco -- 'Peter' not panned in NBC's live broadcast

Newsday, Verne Gay -- NBC broadcast of live 'Peter Pan' soars
Overall, I found plenty to criticize in this production, but I found plenty to enjoy.

Weaknesses were there, but so what?

I appreciate NBC's effort to present family entertainment. Performing live adds excitement, with no do-overs.

It's such a throwback. It's so unusual. I think it's great. What a tremendous diversion! It's nice to focus on a musical, even for just a while. 

And yes, when Peter was trying to save Tinkerbell, I stopped what I was doing at the time to clap, because that's how I roll.

I congratulate the cast and crew.

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