Saturday, January 10, 2015

Milwaukee: Slippery Streets, Not Enough Salt

The city of Milwaukee has really dropped the ball.

The streets are a mess.


Milwaukee is in "salt conservation mode."

From FOX6 News:

Motorists are urged to drive with caution as side streets in Milwaukee are still snow-covered and slippery. Milwaukee DPW crews are working hard to plow and salt, though they are still in “salt conservation mode.”

...[Wanda Booker with the city of Milwaukee DPW] says despite the snow, the city of Milwaukee remains in salt conservation mode after a salt shortage last year.

“We are in salt conservation mode — which means we are applying salt at a lower rate on main (streets) and particular residential (streets). We are just salting at the stops and intersections — so the long sections of the street we are just plowing so people can get in and out. We don’t want to run out (of salt). To ensure the city of Milwaukee has an adequate salt supply to get through the remainder of January, February, March, and part of April, we have to ration our salt so we have enough salt,” Booker said.

Milwaukee had a snowless December and it's rationing salt?

Incredibly poor planning.

How many car accidents will there be because of "salt conservation mode"?

How many broken bones will there be due to falls on the icy streets?

Mayor Tom Barrett needs to address this issue.

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