Thursday, January 8, 2015

MSNBC: Charlie Hedbo Attack and Jerry Falwell

I expect Leftists to say positively absurd things. It's what they do.

Still, it is disturbing to witness a total break from reality. You would think that after something as horrific and barbaric as the terrorist attack in Paris by Islamists, after the gunmen killed 12 people in cold blood, you'd think that even Leftists would grasp the nature of that evil.

Police are hunting three French nationals, including two brothers from the Paris region, after suspected Islamist gunmen killed 12 people at a satirical magazine on Wednesday, a police official and government source said.

The hooded attackers stormed the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo, a weekly known for lampooning Islam and other religions, in the most deadly militant attack on French soil in decades.

...During the attack, one of the assailants was captured on video outside the building shouting "Allahu Akbar!" (God is Greatest) as shots rang out. Another walked over to a police officer lying wounded on the street and shot him point-blank with an assault rifle, before the two calmly climbed into a black car and drove off.
In that bizarre parallel universe known as MSNBC, the terror attack by three Islamists is equated with Jerry Falwell suing Hustler.

Yes, gunning down 12 people and a court case are considered comparable acts of religious fundamentalism.

From NewsBusters:

On Wednesday's Now With Alex Wagner on MSNBC, Eric Bates... a former executive editor for Rolling Stone magazine, cited Jerry Falwell's lawsuit against porn magazine Hustler in the 1980s as an apparent example of "religious fundamentalists of all stripes and of nationalities have this penchant to say, we want to be able tell you what you can and can't portray."
Moreover, we need to understand why the Islamists commit terror attacks.

Rick MacArthur of Harper's magazine adds to the inanity by blaming the U.S. troop presence in the Middle East.

MacArthur cites the "huge American troop presence in the Middle East, and an insertion of American power in the Middle East that never existed before....there is a sense of grievance in the Muslim world today that didn't exist twenty years ago – before the United States sent troops to Saudi Arabia."

Here's video:

A lawsuit is not the same as killing 12 people. How idiotic!

And these Islamists didn't target Americans.

Said Kourachi, 34, his brother Cherif, 32, and Hamyd Mourad, 18, hit the offices of a French satirical magazine. They killed journalists and cartoonists and police officers.

These killers misdirected their "sense of grievance" if U.S. presence in the Middle East is to blame.

Both Bates and MacArthur are nuts.

They don't understand the nature of the enemy. I don't think they want to understand. They appear incapable of handling the truth.

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