Monday, February 9, 2015

Brian Williams, Serial Liar, Cancels Letterman Appearance

NewsBusters reports that Brian Williams won't be appearing on Late Show with David Letterman this Thursday.

Late Sunday afternoon, CNN’s Brian Stelter reported the latest information in the ongoing Brian Williams controversy with the news that the NBC Nightly News anchor has cancelled an appearance on CBS’s The Late Show with David Letterman after reports initially suggested that he was planning to use it to clear the air and answer the many questions surrounding him.

...In an article for CNN Money, Stelter indicated that the decision was made after Williams considered “the uncertainty about when he’ll be back at his anchor desk”:
But until Sunday afternoon he was still scheduled to show up for his date with Letterman on Thursday.

The sudden change reflects the chaotic situation behind the scenes at NBC News and among Williams' representatives.

On Sunday morning, a spokeswoman for the “Late Show” said there had been no change to the plans for Williams to appear on Letterman's show.

Around the same time, a source close to Williams said it was “undecided” if Williams would still appear, saying the network hadn't considered the question yet.

Later in the day, the same source said the appearance was off. Williams has no other television appearances on the books.

Not surprisingly, Williams has his defenders, like Bill Moyers and Joe Klein. The Leftist media elites can't seem to grasp the importance of behaving with honor, something Williams did not do.

There should be consequences for lying with such conviction.

Forgive Lyin' Brian for his serious personal failings, but don't keep him as the face of NBC News.

When Williams chose to lie, he destroyed his credibility.

There is no way NBC can bring Williams back as anchor and expect Americans to look at him as a trustworthy and honorable man.

The truth about Williams is out. He is a serial liar.

Nothing any media analyst says can change that. No pontificating can alter that reality.

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