Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Brian Williams: Suspended 6 Months

Brian Williams, NBC's THIRTEEN MILLION DOLLAR MAN, has been publicly humiliated after being caught in apparent multiple lies, particularly those regarding his accounts on his experiences in Iraq and News Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Howard Kurtz wonders if the punishment, having his career ruined, fits his crimes.

Should Williams be shown mercy?

The question: What is meant by "mercy"?

I don't think Williams should be forced to leave the civilized world and be pushed to live out his days in a cave in the wilderness. Have mercy!

Kurtz suggests that we "keep things in perspective," that "one mistake" perhaps shouldn't be the end of Williams' career, that he should be given another chance.

"Another chance"?

Yes, but no, not another chance at anchoring NBC's news operation.

Some transgressions demand that an individual be permanently removed from a position.

One can show mercy and forgive while also demanding that one be held accountable.

Williams is responsible for his actions. It's been shown that he conducted himself dishonorably, unprofessionally, and unethically.

Expecting NBC to hold Williams accountable for his behavior and the choices he made over the years to routinely construct false realities and sell them as true, is not piling on.

NBC's hesitancy to hold Williams responsible is making things worse for both Williams and the network.

If Williams had quickly stepped aside and NBC had strongly denounced Williams' lies and self-aggrandizement, much of the investigative reporting that's unearthing the additional embarrassing accounts would have been avoided.

Bottom line: Williams and NBC must be held accountable.

That's not piling on.

Williams' behavior can be forgiven, but it can't be excused.

Actions have consequences.

So what are the consequences for lying repeatedly and emphatically about his experience tagging along in a war zone?

Williams gets suspended for 6 months without pay.

Let's see. So in six months, Williams will be rehabilitated? His lying will be history? Is he getting a personality transplant during his "suspension"?

And upon Williams return to his $13 million a year gig, NBC must be counting on the ability of the American public to engage in a willing suspension of disbelief.

You're no liar, Bri Willy! Yeah, that's the ticket!

Love this headline from Matt Drudge:

I do think a qualifier is in order. It's the official "end of real news" at NBC.

NBC News is dead.

I don't know if Williams will ever come back to anchor the NBC Nightly News Show. However, whether he does return or not, NBC has made it clear that it has no interest in journalistic integrity, no standards, no morals, no honor.

This suspension strategy also guarantees that more of Williams' tall tales will likely be unearthed.

Full speed ahead, sleuths on the Internet!

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