Friday, February 20, 2015

Chris Foley, New Berlin West - Restraining Order

Christopher Foley, basketball coach and special education teaching assistant at New Berlin West High School, was arrested for possession of marijuana on February 6, 2015.

Foley's problems with the law didn't end there.

From FOX6 News:

Just a few days after he was arrested for possession of marijuana, a fired New Berlin basketball coach is in trouble again. This time, it’s for allegedly sending creepy messages to a female co-worker. The messages were so bad, the woman is filing a restraining order.

...After a short administrative leave, district leaders terminated Foley’s employment.

...On Tuesday, February 17th came a new claim against Foley: A female teacher’s aide says Foley bombarded her with text messages and emails — wanting to start a romantic relationship with her.

According to court documents, it began in November when Foley allegedly followed her to a bar. A month later, the woman says Foley sent her text messages — one reading “you need to love me.” Another claimed Foley’s love could “fix her.”

The woman blocked Foley’s number and emails, but then in January, Foley allegedly showed up outside the woman’s house. The woman unblocked Foley after his marijuana arrest to see if he would be at work on February 9th.

Foley responded, saying: “Why were you out with creepy, nasty (man) last night downtown” and sent her emails to her school district email account.

“I will never unblock you,” the woman later wrote back. “If you ever contact me again on my work email, I will report you. Leave me alone.”

The court documents show she felt so harassed she decided to seek a restraining order.

...FOX6 News is told the Sheriff’s Office served Foley with a temporary restraining order Wednesday, February 18th. A hearing is scheduled for early next month to try and make that permanent.

...School district leaders say if you have concerns about Foley’s conduct or information about either case, you’re asked to contact police or the New Berlin School District.
The woman must have felt very threatened to seek a restraining order.

Was that really necessary?

If the woman determined it was, then I guess it was.

Foley clearly has issues, but in a way, I feel sorry for him.

I wonder how many other public school teachers have smoked pot and handled unrequited love improperly.

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