Monday, February 2, 2015

In the Kitchen With Obama, Drinking Beer

I can't stand it when the Super Bowl pregame coverage is interrupted by Obama.

Last year, when FOX carried the Super Bowl, Bill O'Reilly interviewed Obama. It was a bit contentious.

This year, with NBC hosting the big game, Savannah Guthrie chatted harmoniously with Obama.

It was goofy beyond belief.

The interview took place in the White House kitchen.

Yes, the KITCHEN!

Workers were prepping food in the background. It looked so stupid.

I was so distracted by the setting that I missed most of what Obama said when the interview aired. I couldn't believe they were standing in the kitchen.

Obama and Guthrie looked like shopping network hosts about to do a KitchenAid presentation or sell a Vitamix.

Obama doesn't even bother to play the president on TV anymore.

The display of the White House Honey Ale microbrew, made with "honey from Michelle's garden," was embarrassing.

Even worse was the tasting.

Obama could not have looked more awkward, sipping beer with his pinky finger extended.

Hanging out with Obama in the White House kitchen before the Super Bowl is just weird.

Here's video of the interview:

That one has been removed.

Oh, well. Here's a little clip:


Obama Flubs: George Washington Lived in the White House

Dressed in casual shirt with the sleeves rolled up, Obama told Guthrie, “We make beer. First president since George Washington to make some booze in the White House.”

The only problem is, as Greg Pollowitz noted, George Washington didn’t make any “booze” in the White House. In fact, not only was George Washington no longer president in the year 1800 when construction on the White House was finished, he had already been dead for a year. The first president to live in the People’s House was our second president, John Adams.

George Washington didn’t live in the White House, much less make any “booze” there.

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