Thursday, February 12, 2015

Scott Walker and Evolution

This sort of thing is what makes me want to unplug, live in a shack, completely isolated, to escape being exposed to this idiocy.

From The Daily Beast:

Governor Scott Walker was so determined not to make news during his trip to London this week, he made news.

A week after Chris Christie’s disastrous trip to London, Walker was desperate to avoid the kind of slip that cost the New Jersey governor any positive headlines back home.

“I’d rather be bland than stupid or moronic,” he said.

Sadly, he may have been all three.

He was attempting to bolster his foreign policy credentials by saying nothing at all, and during a question and answer session at a foreign policy think tank he refused to be drawn on whether he believed in evolution.

“I’m going to punt on that one as well,” he said, which was met by harrumphs in the audience at a foreign policy think tank. It was suggested that pretty much any politician on earth could manage to answer that one. Walker changed tack, but only slightly: “I like the evolution of trade in Wisconsin.”
Frankly, I could not care less what Gov. Walker thinks about evolution.

Personally, I don't consider acknowledging evolution and believing in God to be at odds, at all.

That said, what matters to me is what Walker has accomplished in our state, not his perspective on creation.


Democrat Gov. Jim Doyle left Wisconsin in shambles, drowning in a deficit of $3.6 BILLION. Scott Walker led us out of that death spiral.

He lowered our taxes.

More on Walker's accomplishments here.

So, I'm supposed to care about his stand on evolution? Seriously?

I think any voter who would reject a candidate based on his view of the fossil record is nuts.

I think it's STUPID and MORONIC for the media and Walker's detractors to focus on something so ridiculous.

The country's going to hell but let's demand answers on evolution. Right. That's productive.

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