Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Scott Walker Buzz

Tom Kertscher, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, assembled a list of links about "Gov. Scott Walker and his possible run for the White House."

Walker is definitely getting a lot of recognition nationally.

For example:

Mother Jones: Kevin Drum says Walker "has a ways to go before he’s ready for prime time, but I bet he gets there."

Ed Schultz: The MSNBC TV host predicts Walker "will be a better candidate than Mitt Romney ....He may be (the Republicans') answer.”
Weird that the crazed, rabid Leftist Ed Schultz would say anything remotely positive about Scott Walker.

Remember when Schultz showcased the 14 runaway Democrat state senators in 2011?

Remember when Mike Tate officially announced the Democrats' attempt to recall Gov. Scott Walker on The Ed Show?

Schultz has been the go-to guy for Wisconsin Democrats to whip up opposition to Walker.

I suppose Schultz should take some credit for Walker's political rise.

The Leftist loons and their unsuccessful recall were instrumental in making Walker a national figure.


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