Friday, March 6, 2015

Boy and Pop-Tart 'Gun': Suspension Upheld

Dan Joseph writes:

The Maryland State Board of Education has upheld the suspension of the second grader who bit his Pop Tart into the shape of a gun in 2013.


A message needs to be sent to every little monster out there that making anything that even resembles a gun is dangerous and harmful to the community. For example, the state of Maryland where this young man was suspended is shaped LIKE A GUN. No wonder this kid was so misguided! Those borders should be altered immediately!

For those of you who are just too stupid to understand the dangers of non-lethal inanimate objects that are shaped like guns, MRCTV has put together this video so that you morons finally understand that when liberals do this kind of thing, they are simply looking out for us. Because let's face it, we're just a bunch a dummies who don't understand the true dangers of simulated pastry violence.

Oh, no!

Obama is a terrible role model!

Maybe he's acting out because Michelle won't left him have a Pop-Tart.

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