Friday, March 6, 2015

George W. Bush and 'Caliphate'

This is interesting.

From Newsweek:
When President George W. Bush starts using fifty-cent words in press conferences, one has to wonder why, and on Wednesday, during his Rose Garden appearance, he used the word “caliphate” four times. The enemy, he said—by which he clearly meant the Islamic terrorist enemy—wants to “extend the caliphate,” “establish a caliphate,” and “spread their caliphate.” Caliphate? Really? Many people live long, fruitful lives without once using the word caliphate. Almost no one, with the exception of our president and some of his advisers, uses it as a pejorative.
"Bush’s New Word: 'Caliphate'" is the title of the October 11, 2006, piece by Matthew Philips.

That snarkiness came back to bite Philips, didn't it?

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