Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Marquette University Pet Therapy

Marquette University is offering pet therapy to stressed out students.

If I were stressing about midterms, I don't think petting a dog would help.

Maybe I would enjoy the few moments I spent with a dog, but would it really make a difference?

If I felt overwhelmed because I had tons of reading and studying to do, petting a dog for a while in the union wouldn't take that away. If it would, that would not be a good thing.

I wonder how many dogs will be available for Tuesday's therapeutic sessions. An hour and a half isn't a very large window to meet the needs of Marquette's thousands of students. I hope students aren't stressing out about not being able to get time with a dog. Will there be long lines?

In the midst of midterms, is it wise to spend time waiting to pet a dog rather than preparing for exams?

I bet these therapy sessions are stressful for the dogs.

Would you want a stream of stressed out strangers pawing at you?

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