Sunday, March 15, 2015

Scott Walker Gridiron

Scott Walker is doing something right.

From the Washington Post:

The [Gridiron Club] dinner is a love letter to a Washington that never really existed — a romanticized place where politicians, despite all the squabbling, share an abiding respect for each other, the press and the political process. If it was ever true, it’s certainly not now — but it’s must be nice to pretend for a few hours.

Why is this night different from all other nights? Because on this night, when Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker makes a joke about Hillary Clinton, it’s not part of a future negative ad campaign.

“I really do have a lot of close friends who are Democrats,” said Walker, serving as the official Republican speaker for the evening. “I even have Hillary’s private email. . . It’s You know the best part of that joke, Elizabeth Warren wrote it for me.”

Big laughs all around, even though soon enough half the room will be out to get him. And it didn’t take long for someone to get retribution. But only jokingly of course.

“I’m sure Governor Walker has some really neat accomplishments,” said Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe. “I mean, it’s literally been years since his own constituents tried to recall him.”

Obama got in on the Walker bashing a little too, but made sure to poke fun of himself in the process.

“[Walker] punted on the question of evolution, which I do think is a problem,” Obama said. “I absolutely believe in the theory of evolution — when it comes to gay marriage.”
Walker is really getting a lot of attention.

That's a good one.

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