Monday, April 20, 2015

4/20 Denver

Today, it's time to celebrate all things weed. It's a holiday, "the unofficial stoner holiday of 4/20"!

From AP, Denver:

Marijuana tourists in town are already celebrating Monday's unofficial stoner holiday of 4/20.

One of the biggest festivals concludes Sunday in downtown Denver's Civic Center Park. Rapper Rick Ross is performing a free concert promptly at 4:30 p.m.

Other festivals and celebrations are planned across Colorado.

Police are reminding celebrators that Colorado doesn't allow public consumption of the drug. But the law is widely flouted, especially around the 4/20 celebrations.

The origins of the number 420 as a code for marijuana are murky. But fans of the drug have long marked April 20 as a day to enjoy pot and call for increased legal access to the drug.
From AP, via the Washington Times:
Denver police said there were no major problems as marijuana celebrations continued for a second day on Sunday, but police tweeted a reminder that while recreational use of marijuana is legal in Colorado, people still can’t use it in public.

Police spokeswoman Raquel Lopez said there was no estimate on the number of people who turned out on Saturday and Sunday, including many tourists who flocked to Colorado to take advantage of legal marijuana.

“We’d prefer not to be buzzkills this 4/20 weekend. Consume responsibly, and designate a sober driver now,” police tweeted on Sunday.
The police TWEETED they'd "prefer not to be buzzkills this 4/20 weekend"?

What a voice of authority!

Check out these tweets from the Denver Police Department:

" We see you rollin, but we ain't hatin' HAHA…"

The "consume responsibly" is an appropriate message. The other stuff, given that "Colorado doesn't allow public consumption of the drug," is inappropriate.

What's next?

Will the Denver Police Department take this approach and be a pal when it comes to other violations of law in the state?

"We ain't hatin'."

Good grief.

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