Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tom Barrett Blames Murders On Scott Walker

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett had the audacity to blame Scott Walker and the NRA for the murders of Archie Brown Jr., 41, and Rasheed Chiles, 15.

He jumped on the "Black Lives Matter" bandwagon, using the phrase repeatedly during his remarks yesterday.

He claimed Milwaukee is a "safe city."

The problem is Scott Walker and the state legislature flooding the streets with more guns.

TOM BARRETT: Our police departments have to do a better job in working with the community, but someone has to step forward and say 'black lives matter' when you're talking about 31 or 32 out of 39 victims in 4 months.

...Many of these individuals knew each other.

...So this is not a situation where our city is unsafe. Our city is not unsafe. Our city is a safe city. But what we know is that approximately 80 percent of the victims and 80 percent of the perpetrators of homicides in this city have interactions with the police department, and 80 percent of the victims are African-American. I'm talking about this because I believe black lives matter.

And we need to have a state government that's going to devote resources to this issue. I need the attorney general to have his office engage with our police department directly. I need him to help us in the legislature and the governor to get more resources to our district attorney's office so we can have more prosecutions of gun crimes.

I don't want to lock up more people who are carrying a nickel bag of marijuana, but I do want to lock up more people who get involved in gunfights in parks, on streets, outside taverns, because black lives matter.

This community has to face the reality that the gun laws that this state has put forward over the last few years, as proud as it makes the governor and the legislature feel, has resulted in more guns on the streets of the city of Milwaukee. And if they're proud that there are more guns on the streets of the city of Milwaukee, and occasionally you're going to have someone who's going to use a gun and stop a crime, but we know what's happened. What's happened is there have been more and more shootings.

It is time for the legislature, for the governor to focus on the violence that we have here.

...You've got this horrible combination, this toxic formula, of lack of control and let's just flood these streets with more guns... and this is what you're getting as a result.

...The governor went to the NRA convention and just knelt before that altar. And you don't see any of them involved in the urban violence that we see, the slow motion mass murders. They just totally wash their hands of it.
QUESTION: Why is Barrett still mayor of Milwaukee?

This is the same sorry crap he's been dishing out for years.

Shifting blame is not a plan of action.

Talk about "washing his hands of it"!

Good grief!


Watch video of Barrett's remarks.

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