Sunday, June 7, 2015

Scott Walker: 'Leader of the Pack'

The national spotlight is on Scott Walker.

From the New York Times:

When Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin throws his leg across his beloved Harley-Davidson Road King for a celebration of motorcycles and Iowa pork on Saturday, the political symbolism will be as thick as the smoke from the roasting pits.

Mr. Walker, who first broke from the pack of other Republican presidential hopefuls thanks to a speech in Iowa, will be alone among seven declared and likely candidates on a chopper alongside Senator Joni Ernst, a fellow biker and one of Iowa’s most popular Republicans.

The other 2016 candidates will be left in the dust for the initial 28-mile ride of “Joni’s Roast and Ride,” a daylong political fund-raiser.

Mr. Walker, whose early surge in national polls has receded, still enjoys a decisive lead in Iowa, thanks to an unflashy style that resonates with Iowans’ Midwestern sensibilities and to an unusual appeal across a wide ideological swath of Republicans.

But that head-of-the-pack status has come with high expectations and a target on his back.
Walker and his wife, Tonette, must have been driving records than Marco Rubio and his wife.

Of course, the Times could be saving any Walker driving revelations for an October surprise.

...So far, Mr. Walker has had an unusual ability to draw support from both the social conservatives and the business-oriented wing of the party.

The social conservatives embrace his signing of bills as governor to defund Planned Parenthood, and his strong expression that prayer is central to his life. Business conservatives admire that he cut taxes and dealt crippling blows to unions.

But his ability to span the wings of the party — to win the argument that he is the most conservative candidate capable of winning the general election — could become a weakness if enough voters decide they would rather go with a purer expression of their ideal candidate.
Walker is "pure" enough.
...Mr. Walker may lead the pack on two wheels on Saturday, but his competitors are not ready to stay behind.

Yes, watch out for Lindsey Graham, Scott.

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