Monday, June 8, 2015

Wisconsin Dem Straw Poll: Hillary and Sanders

From The Nation:

Wisconsin Straw Poll: Clinton 49 Percent, Sanders 41 Percent

More than 500 Wisconsin Democrats participated in a presidential straw poll at their state party convention over the weekend, and they sent a powerful signal about the potential of the challenge Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is mounting to presumed Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

Clinton still maintains a wide lead in national polls and in those from early battleground states such as Iowa and New Hampshire. But the delegates, alternates and registered guests at the Wisconsin party convention -- among the state's most activist Democrats -- gave Sanders 41 percent support to 49 percent for Clinton.
What's the significance of this straw poll?

It reveals that Wisconsin Democrats are extremists.

How telling that Bernie Sanders can garner that much support!

Poor Hillary.

Wisconsin Dems aren't on the bandwagon.

The breakdown of the straw poll vote, which was conducted by the well-regarded politics website, was:
Hillary Clinton 252

Bernie Sanders 208

Joe Biden 16

Martin O’Malley 16

Jim Webb 8

Lincoln Chafee 5

No vote 1


Elizabeth Warren 4

Tom Vilsack 1
The Dem 2016 field is pathetic.

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