Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, and Heatherball

Oooh, Jimmy Kimmel was making fun of Jimmy Fallon, fellow late night host.

On Monday night, Kimmel and Bob Odenkirk mocked Jimmy Fallon's penchant for playing games with his guests.

Odenkirk pretended he didn't want to play a game of Heatherball, tetherball but enhanced with the image of Heather Graham on the ball. He placed a pretend call to his publicist when Kimmel pushed him.

If you read the comments on Youtube, you'd think this was a serious affront at Fallon's expense. Some cheered Kimmel for dissing Fallon. Others didn't get the bit at all, thinking Odenkirk really didn't want to play and was being a jerk. Others didn't know Fallon plays games on his show.

There is a problem when you have to explain a joke.

As Jay Leno said recently, Kimmel has a mean streak, though I think this was just a good-natured jab. And Odenkirk certainly was a willing participant in the bit, if not the instigator.

Personally, I find many of Fallon's games annoying. I can't imagine the celebrities enjoy making fools of themselves. Maybe they like not having to talk and prefer the goofiness. It's easier than trying to sound intelligent or be clever and entertaining.

Although many are truly lame, some games have amusing moments. When he was hosting Late Night, Fallon had Stiller and Meara play charades. It was funny. I also liked a Pictionary showdown on Late Night with Ann Curry. That included audience members as players. I really don't care for the beer pong or flip cups or the races through the studio and hallways.

I'd rather watch old clips of Johnny Carson - the golden age of late night TV. I really liked Tom Snyder's interviews, too. I'd even prefer seeing Leno and Letterman again.

For the most part, late night TV is dead.

It's a life-long habit I'm finding surprisingly easy to break.

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