Thursday, August 27, 2015

Vester Flanagan Bullied - Gay and Black

Killer Vester Lee Flanagan, aka Bryce Williams, sent his list of grievances/suicide note to ABC News.

Flanagan, a Democrat and Obama supporter, was angry. He cited the Charleston church shooting as a tipping point.

Flanagan claimed he was a victim of racism. He claimed he had been mistreated because he was a gay, black man.

Oh, now it all makes sense. Committing murder is an understandable response, right? Our unjust society pushed Flanagan over the edge. Sure.

There should be no discussion whatsoever about Flanagan being a victim.

This evil man, a former television news reporter at WDBJ, killed two WDBJ journalists in cold blood.

He orchestrated and carried out his plan. He filmed himself taking the lives of Alison Parker and Adam Ward, live on television. He sent his 23-page manifesto to ABC News, an outlet he probably judged to be sympathetic to his plight, or at least willing to promote it.

Flanagan made sure he would be the news.

No analysis is necessary. Flanagan deserves no attention. There should be a media blackout on him.

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