Thursday, September 17, 2015

Hillary Clinton and Jimmy Fallon

Hillary Clinton was Jimmy Fallon's guest on Wednesday's Tonight Show.

She couldn't have done a worse job participating in a comedy bit, a staged phone call between her and Fallon as Trump.

She kept looking at Fallon, even though it was a split screen and she was supposed to be on the phone!

Really poorly done.

Were they afraid to give her direction?

It was awful.

I couldn't watch her interview. I tried, but I couldn't stand the fawning by Fallon and Hillary cackling her lies.

The opening exchange:

Of course, tonight was the GOP debate.... This is the second GOP debate. Of the two leaders over there, the Republican Party, one is a real estate mogul.


The other guy is a neurosurgeon. He's in the lead, the other candidate....


FALLON: You were senator. You were first lady, secretary of state. Is it possible that you have too much experience to become the president of the United States? Is that possible??? They have no experience.
It got worse.

When I saw them JOKING about the email scandal, I turned it off.

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