Friday, September 11, 2015

Madeleine Behr, Scott Walker Recall Petition

Fair and balanced?

Not even close.

From NewsBusters:

A USA Today reporter assigned to cover Scott Walker signed a recall petition against the Republican in 2011. The American Mirror first reported the story and Gannett's defense of Madeleine Behr. The site quoted Joel Christopher, vice president of news for Gannett Wisconsin Media: "We indeed are aware that Madeleine signed the Gov. Scott Walker recall election petition in 2011 because Madeleine made it a priority to tell us before she even interviewed for a reporting position with us."

The American Mirror continued to quote Christopher's spin: "With Madeleine and every Gannett Wisconsin journalist whose work we put in front of the public, we invite people to read with a critical eye because we’re confident they will discover strong journalism reported fairly and accurately in a nonpartisan fashion in service of the public interest."

Without a doubt, the Leftist media pose a serious problem to conservatives.

They serve as an additional hurdle.

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