Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Bernie Sanders, James Woods, and China's Gendercide

On Twitter yesterday, James Woods called out Bernie Sanders for his utter lunacy.

From Life News:

In parts of Asia – especially India and China – baby girls are undesirable, even unacceptable. In China, a ”one-child” policy, enforced by the state with forced sterilizations and abortions, exacerbates gendercide, leading some parents to take matters into their own hands. If you’re allowed only two children, and you already have one girl…well, in a culture where males are valued much more highly than females, it’s not hard to imagine what follows. Baby girls are stuck in sacks and thrown in rivers and down wells, even dumped upside-down in buckets of water.

The United Nations estimates that about 200 million girls are missing from the world due to this rampant genocide – now commonly called “gendercide.” The effects of these heinous practices, as time goes on, could be devastating in parts of Asia, as men look around and realize that all their potential wives do not exist.
Where are the feminists?

Where is the tweet with Michelle Obama holding a card that reads "#Bring Back Our Girls"?

TWO HUNDRED MILLION little girls killed. Talk about a War on Women!

Where the hell are the feminists on this one?

Michelle? Calling Michelle....

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