Thursday, October 15, 2015

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Won't Call Her Preborn Children Human

Debbie Wasserman Schultz has three children.

This mother of three can't bring herself to acknowledge the humanity of her own children.

Clearly, she is a rigid ideologue and radical extremist, not to mention disingenuous.

From Media Research Center, via Live Action News:

Pro-lifers are ‘extremists’ – or at least, that’s what we’re told. It is ‘extreme’ to say that a genetically distinct human being is growing and developing in his mother’s womb during pregnancy. It is ‘extreme’ to say that this same being was indeed a biological human from the moment of fertilization. It is ‘extreme’ to suggest that perhaps killing human beings in the womb should not be allowed by law, as most of our laws serve to protect human beings, not to (under the guise of ‘personal privacy’) end those lives.

But what seems more extreme is the fact that, due to their radical pro-abortion ideology, abortion supporters cannot seem to cope with the simple facts of basic human biology. Case in point: Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz cannot bring herself to admit that her own three children were human beings while in her womb…

...MRC-TV reports the DNC Chair’s comments:

MRC TV: You have three children, correct?

Wasserman Schultz: I do.

MRC TV: How old are they?

Wasserman Schultz: I have twin 16-year-olds and a 12-year-old.

MRC TV: In your opinion, were they human beings before they were born?

Wasserman Schultz: You know, I believe that every woman has the right to make their own reproductive choices.

MRC TV: But what did you believe about your children?

Wasserman Schultz: That I had the right to make my own reproductive choices, which I was glad to have and which I was proud to have.

MRC TV: So were they human beings? Just yes or no.

Wasserman Schultz: They’re human beings today, and I’m glad I had the opportunity to make my own reproductive choices, as – a right that every woman has and should maintain.

According to Wasserman Schultz, her kids are human beings NOW, but she won't admit they were human beings before their birth.

What a mom!

The games these extremists play are crazy.

I don't know how they can live with themselves.

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