Thursday, October 22, 2015

Freedom Caucus and Paul Ryan

Breaking news: The Freedom Caucus supports Paul Ryan.

Not exactly.

From AP, via TMJ4:

The hardline House Freedom Caucus said Wednesday it is supporting Rep. Paul Ryan for speaker of the House, all but guaranteeing he'll get the job if he wants it, and potentially heralding a new start for a deeply divided House GOP.

The group of around three dozen rebellious conservatives, who have caused fits for the GOP leadership, stressed that their support for Ryan was not an official endorsement because they couldn't muster the 80 percent agreement such an announcement would require. Yet members of the rebellious group made clear that their intent was to unite behind Ryan and give him the consensus he has said he needs to seek the speakership.

"A supermajority of the House Freedom Caucus has voted to support Paul Ryan's bid to become the next speaker of the House," the group said in a statement.

So, the Freedom Caucus will not formally endorse Ryan because there was not agreement.

Apparently, that's a minor detail to AP.

Ryan gets the support of the Freedom Caucus even though it doesn't officially endorse Ryan.

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