Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Bernie Sanders and the Koch Brothers

Bernie Sanders, Socialist and candidate for the Democrat 2016 presidential nomination, is whining about the Koch brothers.

So, Bernie believes billionaires should not have the right to support causes they believe in? They should have their First Amendment rights limited?

Democrat candidates have the full power of the mainstream media and the entertainment industry "buying" elections for them, but that's not a problem.

Democracy allows Democrat candidates to benefit from the Leftist media's influence and the influence of yapping Leftist celebrities.

We're bombarded with Democrat propaganda via alleged "news" outlets and "entertainment" outlets, but that's Democracy.

Silence the Koch brothers. Socialist Sanders calls them out by name.

Does the influence of Leftist George Soros bother Sanders? If so, Sanders should complain that Soros is buying elections. We know Soros is doing Hillary Clinton's bidding, and that doesn't help Sanders. Nonetheless, Sanders just can't bring himself to slam billionaire Soros. His whining is reserved for conservatives.

Sanders is a hack.

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