Wednesday, November 25, 2015

'Climate-Friendly' Thanksgiving

You have to laugh at Leftists.

From NewsBusters:

On Tuesday, Think Progress listed the “‘Six Ways To Climate-Proof Your Thanksgiving.” Climate reporter Samantha Page offered tips to for “die-hard climate activist[s]” for Thanksgiving, when there are “emissions-heavy activities” and “tables full of food.”

...“Getting through Thanksgiving, when emissions-heavy activities like airline travel and tables full of food are the norm,” she continued, “can be a especially tricky for a die-hard climate activist. “

To help such activists, she listed the “six ways to climate-proof”:
“Choose your turkey wisely”
“Waste not, want not”
“Toast these drinks”
“Take the bus”
“Efficiency is a huge opportunity”
“Go ahead, talk about it”

While Page didn’t insist that readers give up their turkey, she urged that the “type of turkey” Americans eat can “go a long way toward reducing your environmental impact” because, for Thanksgiving, “turkey has the biggest environmental impact.”

Page, the Leftist, suggests:

Even with all these tips, Thanksgiving is hardly a carbon-neutral day for most of us. But there’s one more way you can get bigger climate returns on the day: Talk about it.

Maybe your family or friends don’t believe in climate change. Take a moment before the holiday to brush up on some key messages, and think of it this way: Convincing just one person to reduce her carbon footprint doubles what you can do on your own.

I am thankful that no one at my Thanksgiving table will be trying to convince me to reduce my carbon footprint. That is, indeed, a blessing.

I will be encouraging all guests to exhale carbon dioxide as liberally as they wish.

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