Saturday, November 21, 2015

Obama and Syria

Flashback - September 4, 2013:

In August 2012, Obama clearly delineated what would be a "red line for us" in terms of Syria's use of chemical weapons.


In September 2013, today, foreign policy disaster Obama told the world he DID NOT declare a so-called "red line."


Oh, my God. He has to be kidding! This guy is an absolute mess. He's a disgrace. "Congress set a red line." Obama is completely distancing himself from any of his words.

What a loser! What a coward!

I have had enough of Obama. I'm thoroughly disgusted by him.

He's an embarrassment. In that regard, Obama is worse than Bill Clinton, BILL "blue dress" CLINTON.

In terms of utter incompetence on the world stage and at home, Obama is worse than the impotent Jimmy Carter, JIMMY "malaise" CARTER.

Case closed.

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