Wednesday, December 16, 2015

GOP Debate: Observations

For a change, I watched a good portion of the GOP debate on CNN.

There still was too much "Trump is the center of the universe" from the moderators.

But, overall, I thought it was sort of interesting.

What I loved about Chris Christie's performance was the way he hammered Obama and Hillary Clinton. Of course, this is a primary debate, so the candidates are going to attack each other. That's to be expected. But, I like it when Obama and Hillary become the targets. It's the Democrat regime that I want to change.

The split screen showing Trump's reactions was distracting. Rather than hearing the other candidates' responses, we were laughing and commenting on Trump's expressions.

We also had fun watching Kasich doing his karate chop gestures. I likened his moves to Barbie doll hands.

I do wish Scott Walker was still in it.

Bottom line: Any of the candidates on the stage last night would be a better president than Obama has been. Obama has been such a disaster. The bar is set extremely low, but I would prefer to have any of them serving as president rather than Hillary. No question about it. None.

Sitting out the election is not an option. I find such talk disgraceful. That crap gave us Obama's second term and a nuclear Iran and an invigorated ISIS. Nice going.

Barack "JV team" Obama and Hillary "What difference, at this point, does it make?" Clinton gave us Benghazi and the cover-up. They've weakened America. We're less safe because of them and their policies and their warped ideology.

We need a regime change.


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