Saturday, December 19, 2015

Jimmy Fallon's 12 Days of Christmas Sweaters and Diana From Texas

Yesterday night, Jimmy Fallon finished his "12 Days of Christmas Sweaters" giveaway, something he's been doing every year since he hosted Late Night.

I was never aware of anyone ever intentionally trying to steal a sweater by lying about their seat number.

Diana from Texas did exactly that. She jumped up to claim the sweater when the winning number, 431, was announced.

Here's video from what took place during the commercial break, when the truth was sorted out.

Diana from Texas admits that her number wasn't even close to the winner, 431. In other words, it wasn't an honest mistake.

The Tonight Show posted this video on YouTube with the title, "During Commercial Break: Christmas Sweaters Stealer."

Yes, Diana deserves that label.

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