Monday, December 14, 2015

Mark Levin and Donald Trump, the Media and Establishment Republicans

I'm listening online to Mark Levin and I hear him criticize Donald Trump.

Some in the media and some in the Republican Establishment act as if this is a turn, as if Levin has been a Trump supporter and serving as an apologist for him.

Obviously, those people don't listen to Levin's program, or they certainly don't listen well.

T. Becket Adams seems to be missing the fact that Levin was particularly incensed by Trump's comments attacking Justice Antonin Scalia.

It's not because Trump criticized Ted Cruz. That's not "where the line is drawn."

Good grief.

Levin is not in the tank for Trump, though that's been the narrative being pushed by Leftist media and Establishment Republicans.

When Levin believes Trump is being unfairly attacked by those in the Leftist media and Establishment Republicans, he comments, defending Trump. Likewise, Levin states his opinion when he believes Trump says something inappropriate, criticizing him.

This is not new.

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