Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Establishment Republicans Threaten to Sit Out Election

Transcript from Rush Limbaugh's Monday program:

RUSH: Here's Sarah in Billings, Montana, Sarah, I'm glad you waited. Happy to welcome you to the program. Hi.

CALLER: I'm a conservative. My family members are conservatives. Several family members said they will not vote if Donald Trump gets the nomination. I'm concerned the same thing will happen like the last election. Just wondering what your thoughts are.

RUSH: Well, my thoughts are I need to ask you some questions. Let's see. You won't vote Trump if he gets the nomination, and that a lot of Republicans won't show up if he does. And that we'll just lose again. What about Trump do you not like?

CALLER: It's not me that's saying this; it's my family members. They think that he is very rough around the edges, that he's unpredictable. At least with Hillary you know you can't get any worse than Obama. So because Trump is unpredictable, they're not willing to vote at all.

RUSH: You know, people that are not willing to vote, to me, that's quite a threat. It's almost -- I wouldn't put it up there with blackmail, but at the same time, if somebody says, "I'm not gonna vote," one of my reactions, "Well, then why should I listen to you?" You're willing to take yourself out of the process. You're willing to make yourself a nonfactor. In fact, if anything, you may be furthering the election of that which you profess to dislike. It doesn't make any sense to me, in that sense, given the importance of this election coming up. I mean, I understand people that don't think Trump's conservative, but do they see no value whatsoever in what's happening here in this campaign?
That's my reaction when I hear conservatives threaten not to vote for president if Trump is the nominee.

The tantrum response to a potential Trump nomination is irresponsible.

Establishment Republicans continue to flail rather than provide a candidate capable of being the front-runner. Instead of threatening to sit out the election, they should be rallying around an alternative to Trump and promoting that individual.

I hear nothing but negativity from the Establishment types.

I swallowed hard and voted for McCain. I did the same when I voted for Romney.

Was I satisfied with them as candidates? No, not at all.

Were they better than the radical Leftist Obama?


Threatening to not be part of the process is disgraceful.

We don't need threats. We need to keep Hillary and Bill out of the White House.

Hillary "What difference, at the point, does it make?" Clinton cannot be president.

End of story.

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