Monday, February 29, 2016

A RESPECTFUL Appeal to Trump Supporters

David Limbaugh supports Ted Cruz.

He makes a RESPECTFUL appeal to Trump's supporters, urging them to reconsider their decision.

No insults. No name-calling.

A RESPECTFUL exchange of ideas.

David Limbaugh writes:
It's ironic that Donald Trump, hailed as the anti-establishment savior, has supported and funded establishment and liberal causes much of his adult life, and to this day is getting less opposition from the establishment than bad boy Ted Cruz.

Even though Trump and a number of other Republican candidates have ganged up on Cruz, he has not changed his positions midstream out of political expediency. Even though he's not the only one whose campaign has been accused of dirty tricks, Cruz is the only one who has apologized for anything and has recently fired his communications director.

I appeal to Trump supporters to reconsider your decision. Why take a risk on the unknown when you have from Ted Cruz an established record of bold, anti-establishment action based on tried and tested policy solutions? Don't be put off by the label "conservative" just because too many politicians self-identifying as such didn't deliver. Ted Cruz deserves your consideration precisely because he did. He is also, from all indications, more electable in the general election.

I believe you are patriots and I understand and share your frustration. But I implore you to channel it wisely, judiciously and constructively. If we bet wrong we might not get another chance.
That's not that difficult, is it?

It's possible to make a point without mocking the voters.

Unfortunately, too many of the self-important "conservative" talkers decided to degrade and alienate voters rather than make a sincere appeal.

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