Wednesday, February 24, 2016

First Abortion Tips

A woman using the name "Madeleine Roe" offers "20 Tips for Your First Abortion."

I don't know what to say. The article is awful. It is anxiety attack-inducing.

A sampling from Roe's "20 tips":

3. Google is your best friend and worst enemy. Avoid any website that uses the word “life.” They will not help you. Also avoid all images. All of them. Even if it promises to be a cartoon drawing called “Olivia the Ovary.” They will not help you either. Read medical articles. Know your options. Treat it like applying to grad school: too much information and you drown; too little information and you drown. Tread lightly.

9. Technology that tells you exactly how far along you are now exists. And it is terrible. You want to be zero days along, negative days along, but listen when the nurse says, “six weeks and five days.” Don’t dwell on this number.

10. If you say nothing, you will see nothing during the ultrasound. The nurses are humans, not monsters, just like you.

In other words, deny reality. Ignore science. Avoid truth.

Here's Roe's final "tip":
20. Go home. Relax. Eat a big meal. Process your emotions. Take a shower. Talk with your friends. Cry with your friends. Make inappropriate jokes about how you were “killin’ it” today and laugh with your friends. Eat a pound of chocolate. Listen to some Bon Iver. Take aspirin. Listen to some ABBA. Dance with Miss Poke. Watch a movie. Take your antibiotics. Buy a new dress off Zappos. Use a heating pad. Call your mom. Reread a book from your teenage years. Do whatever you want. Maybe make a list of all the things you learned.
"Make inappropriate jokes about how you were 'killin’ it' today and laugh with your friends"?

Hey! Great idea! JOKE about the reality that you killed a human life today.

This is truly sick.

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