Saturday, February 6, 2016

Jimmy Fallon: Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Jokes

JIMMY FALLON: Last night was the first one-on-one debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. And I don't want to say things got tense between the two of them, but one guy was like, [Trump voice] 'Please lower your voices. Don't need to shout.'

At the debate, Hillary Clinton addressed the controversy over her personal email server and said she has no concerns about it whatsoever. Democrats were like, 'Yeah, that's what concerns us. Why does that not bother you?'

Hillary also told Bernie Sanders that it's time for his campaign to end the very artful smear against her. Incidentally, 'very artful smear' is also how Bernie orders a bagel. [Sanders voice] 'Give me whole wheat with a very artful smear of veggie cream cheese.'

Bernie Sanders now holds a double-digit lead in New Hampshire polls over Hillary Clinton. Bernie says he's still taking every precaution he can against Hillary by running ads, giving speeches, and having someone else start his car in the morning. Can't be too careful

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