Monday, February 8, 2016

NARAL: Doritos Super Bowl Ad

This Doritos ad aired during the Super Bowl.

I knew it would not go over well with those bent on denying the humanity of unborn babies.

The commercial demands that one recognize the unborn baby as a person.

Of course, the Dorito-loving baby is silly and an impossibility.

Still, the ad highlights the scientifically verified reality that an unborn baby is responsive and alive. The baby, the human being, exists.

Abortion proponents don't like that. They refuse to acknowledge that truth.

NARAL's tweet about the ad is especially laughable.

"Antichoice tactic of humanizing fetuses"?


No "tactic" to humanize a fetus is necessary. The reality is the fetus IS human. Of course, it's human. What else would it be?

NARAL's complaint about the "sexist tropes of dads as clueless & moms as uptight" is funny.

Guess what? Some dads are clueless and some moms are uptight. By no means all, but some for sure.

However, I can say with complete certitude that ALL human fetuses are most definitely human.

I was surprised Doritos had the audacity to acknowledge the unborn baby's humanness.

If the intent was to get people to talk about the ad, it was a successful move. Ticking off the pro-abortion crowd was a risk, but the science of an unborn baby's humanity is settled.

Pretend that baby isn't human, NARAL. That's the only way to deny the baby's humanity, by pretending. Reality declares otherwise.

Abortion ends a human life.


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