Sunday, February 7, 2016

SNL: Bernie Sanders

I called it. I knew Bernie Sanders would appear on Saturday Night Live this weekend.

With Larry David hosting, there was no doubt Sanders would be there.

From NBC News:

"Saturday Night Live" gave political junkies, "Seinfeld" fans, and "Curb Your Enthusiasm" enthusiasts everything they could have hoped for when Senator Bernie Sanders joined comedian Larry David as he hosted Saturday's show.

The Democratic presidential hopeful met the sitcom creator — who has played the senator previously on the show — in a live sketch on board the Titanic as the famous ship began to sink into the ocean.

David, playing an Irish aristocrat of sort, attempted to convince the ship's captain to save him instead of primarily "women and children."

Sanders would not stand for this as he barreled on stage to applause with a cabbie's hat and a rumpled brown vest and jacket.

"Enough is enough! We need to unite and work together if we're going to get through this!" shouted Sanders.

"Sounds socialist to me," replied David.

"Democratic Socialist," corrected the Vermont senator who is a self-described democratic socialist.

The two men poked fun at Sanders' pronunciation of the word "huge" (as "yuge"), as well as the candidate's Jewish religion when David asked him his name.

"Bernie Sanderswinsky," said Sanders with a grin, "but we're gonna change it when we get to America so it doesn't sound quite so Jewish."

"Yea, that'll trick em," responded David to laughs.

While this was the only scene where the two appeared together save an introduction of the musical guest, The 1975, the candidate remained present throughout the show.

Perhaps the moment that delighted fans of both men alike came earlier in the show because it featured David's frighteningly accurate depiction of Sanders in a digital short titled "Bern Your Enthusiasm."

"I am running for president. I do not shake disgusting hands!" David—as Sanders—said neurotically after a back and forth at a crowded rally with a voter who coughed on her hand before hoping to meet the candidate.

The voter, played by SNL's Leslie Jones was dismayed at not shaking Sanders' hand.

Then, on a venture to purchase a cup of coffee with whole milk (not 2%), David came across a woman who got into a car accident on her way to vote for Sanders. Upon asking for his help relocating her shoulder however, David demurred.

"Pop it back in? Are you nuts…Go to a hospital, I'm not a popper," said the comedian as Sanders.

"F*** You!" shouted the voter.

Later in the sketch David watched the polls close on the night of the Iowa caucuses with his campaign team and wife Jane Sanders, portrayed by SNL's Vanessa Bayer.

As the results came in showing former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton just barely edging him out, the quintessential Curb Your Enthusiasm trombone music played over the scene as the camera panned to the two voters who Sanders rebuffed earlier in the sketch.

They were wearing Clinton shirts and stickers shaking their heads in disgust.

The scene ended going to black showing the title: "Directed by Bernie Sanders."
I have to stop watching SNL.

Oh, good grief.

The show was most definitely NOT "one for the ages."

Where was the Dem debate sketch? Where was Kate McKinnon as Hillary?


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