Monday, April 18, 2016

SNL: Heroin AM

We watch Saturday Night Live.

It always ends the same, with me saying I've got to stop watching.

Once or twice during the 90 minutes, I find something mildly amusing or slightly entertaining.

Specifically, I don't recall what I thought was funny during the Julia Louis-Dreyfus episode, but there was something.

Most of it was awful.

Like this: Heroin AM.

Not funny. At all.

I thought Louis-Dreyfus, the writers, and cast members responsible for the taped sketch made a terrible choice to go with it. They couldn't possibly participate in something like that if they had been touched by the problem personally, right?

Wrong, I guess.

Certainly, Lorne Michaels lost friends/co-workers to use/addiction. He was obviously OK with the bit.

I knew as it aired that it would be discussed because of the current effort to deal with the escalation in use and the accompanying deaths.

Understandably, some people are extremely troubled that SNL would make light of heroin addiction.

Local officials, like Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke and Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt, spoke out against the sketch, calling it "distasteful, inappropriate, and irresponsible."

That sums it up.

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