Sunday, July 17, 2016

Baton Rouge Police Officers Killed

First thing this morning, just after waking up, a family member asks if I knew what happened in Baton Rouge.

I immediately think there was another ISIS attack or law enforcement officers were targeted again.

Actually, I wish it had been ISIS. Muslim terrorists have been at war with us for years before 9/11. They're a known enemy.

But this racial crap that has been promoted by Obama and Democrats, painting the police as the bad guys, is truly disgraceful. They created this. It was a choice.

I'm outraged that Leftist elected officials, celebrities, and professional athletes have demonized police.

What is the death toll now in the Left's War on Cops?

Obama needs to end the War on Cops on now.

Obama should address the nation from the Oval Office. He should apologize to police officers and their families for playing up lies and permitting a narrative to take hold that the cops are the bad guys.

No more wishy-washy BS about police officers needing respect yet needing to reform their embedded racist ways.

Obama has been attacking police since he took office. His bias has been clear.

Time for Obama to take responsibility and attempt to turn this around before another cop is assassinated.

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