Thursday, July 21, 2016

Ted Cruz: BOO

Compare Scott Walker's time addressing the Republican National Convention and the Ted Cruz disaster.

It could not have been easy for Walker to sing Trump's praises, but he understands the stakes. He gets that a Hillary Clinton presidency is unthinkable. Walker and others have the maturity to accept that reality and move forward accordingly.

Unfortunately, others are too ego-driven to do the right thing.

Helping put Hillary in the White House is NOT the right thing.

Ted Cruz chose to be less than unifying. He chose to stroke his ego.

That was not the right thing. It was selfish. Even Bernie Sanders managed to suck it up and endorse Hillary.

Cruz wouldn't endorse Trump. That was a mistake.

He didn't even choose to use language similar to what Ronald Reagan used regarding President Gerald Ford in 1976.

In his convention speech, Reagan said, "We must go forth from here united, determined that what a great general said a few years ago is true: There is no substitute for victory, Mr. President."

That was no endorsement, but it was more gracious than what Cruz offered.

He attacked Clinton and Obama, but didn't extol the virtues of a Trump presidency. In fact, he seemed to go out of his way to avoid the reality that Trump is the Republican nominee.

"And to those listening, please, don't stay home in November."

So far, so good. It appeared the endorsement was on its way.

"If you love our country, and love your children as much as I know that you do, stand and speak and vote your conscience, vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom and to be faithful to the Constitution."

"Vote your conscience"? "Up and down the ticket"? That's no endorsement.

Cruz seemed to respond to the negative reaction he was receiving by adding this to his speech: "We will unite the party. We will unite the country by standing together for shared values, by standing for liberty."

He failed to say we would unite to elect Trump and prevent Hillary from winning. He failed to promote victory, as Reagan did.

Scott Walker did a far better job. He swallowed hard and gave his support to the nominee. His remarks may have helped his political future. He didn't sell out, but he correctly recognized that Hillary in the White House is the worse option, something the Never Trumpkins won't do, stubbornly sticking with their hissy fit stance.

Cruz, unlike Walker, didn't help himself. He lacks the Reagan finesse. Cruz came off as bitter and defiant, whereas Reagan delivered a clear message that was strong and hopeful without the bitterness: "Vote Republican, that means for Ford, and I'll see you in four years."

Cruz's miscalculation was choosing the convention to maintain distance from Trump and avoid taking the opportunity to present a united front, even reluctantly.

It would have been better for Cruz to not address the convention if he couldn't bring himself to say "President Trump" at some point.

What an embarrassment that Newt Gingrich was given the task to "clarify" Cruz's remarks before beginning his own address! Immediate spin. Not a bad effort, but still embarrassing.

Cruz must know that President Hillary Clinton would be bad for the country. He must know that Trump would be better than Hillary.

If "freedom matters," as Cruz said, if he really wants to be "part of something beautiful," then Hillary can't be allowed to become president. It's as simple as that.

Life is about choices. Make the best choice given the options. That would be Trump.

I'm not happy about that, but that's the choice.

Sometimes, reality is unpleasant.

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