Wednesday, August 31, 2016

MU Law Poll: Clinton and Trump - Within Margin of Error Among Likely Voters

Certainly not in all cases, but income can be an indication of education level. I've known some really stupid people with degrees, but income level can also be an indication of intelligence.

So, I find some results of the Marquette University Law School poll somewhat interesting.

According to the MU Law poll, such that it is, people in Wisconsin with higher incomes are more likely to support Trump.

We've been told for over a year, that only uneducated, racist, buffoons support Trump.

That's not what this poll shows.

Well, well, well.

It appears that Republicans in Wisconsin understand that Hillary in the White House would be worse than Trump.

Among likely voters, Wisconsin is in play according to the MU Law poll, such that it is.

The "10% supporting neither" is critical.

Without question, the Never Trumpkins should be held accountable.

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