Friday, August 5, 2016

Obama Birthday - 'BFD'

Of course, Obama's fundraising arm, Organizing For Action, was hoping to profit from Obama's 55th birthday on August 4th.

Here's the email:

Mary --

The progress we've fought for over the last eight years wasn't won easily and it's been even harder to protect -- you know that.

Together we've organized like hell to hand off a better America to the next generation. And no one takes our hard work to heart more than President Obama.

That's why today, on the President's 55th birthday, I want to make sure you get your name on OFA's birthday card before it's too late.

Sign the card celebrating the Organizer-in-Chief himself.

Seriously -- the President loves OFA supporters. So let's celebrate a little, and then get back to fighting for more big wins.

Add your name to the card:



Jim Messina
Organizing for Action

Anyone on Obama's email list would receive this. Typical email stuff, for the most part.

I wonder, however, if some Obama supporters questioned the appropriateness of the email's subject line:

"55 is a BFD - sign the card"

That's crude.

How about displaying just a little bit of dignity?

Too much to ask.

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