Monday, September 12, 2016

Baby Shot on I-43

Yesterday evening, northbound I-43 was a mess.

I was stuck there.

The merging to get off the closed freeway was really ugly, with jerks zipping to the front of the line on the left and others driving up the shoulder on the right. On-ramps that should have been closed to prevent additional congestion were not.

This was not the way to cap off a Sunday.

I knew that completely shutting down the freeway meant something serious happened. Given the location, I didn't assume it was an accident. I thought it could be a crime.

It was a crime. The freeway was closed for hours because of the shooting of a 2-month-old baby.

From CBS 58:

Glendale Police and North Shore Fire responded to a shooting Sunday afternoon in a parking lot on Hampton near I-43. A 2-month-old baby girl was shot while in a car on I-43.

The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office is handling the shooting investigation since it took place on the freeway. Sheriff's Deputies shutdown the interstate Sunday evening to determine where the shooting took place.

The baby was treated by paramedics before being transported to Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. The girl is expected to survive.

Just another Sunday, just another baby shot.

Thankfully, the little victimm will survive.

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