Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Mark Levin Is Voting For Trump

It's after Labor Day. Time to choose a side.

On his radio program Tuesday, Mark Levin did.

Levin is voting Trump.

He said, "Nothing, nothing recommends Hillary Clinton for president of the United States. Zero. Virtually everything recommends against it."

I agree.

Levin said when he hears that certain Republicans or so-called conservatives are voting for Clinton, "it's delusional."

He said they aren't conservatives under any circumstances.

"It's nonsense."

"It's irrational."

I agree.

Levin said Hillary is "not some moderate Democrat. She's a radical Leftist. She has a history of being a radical Leftist. She's a crook. She's a liar. She's an unindicted felon."

I agree.

I cannot vote for her.

Levin said Trump is not a conservative. He questioned Trump's reliability.

Levin also pointed out that many of the "people trashing Trump now, who say he's not a conservative, never backed Cruz. So, they're really not in a position to attack Trump from the Right when they had the perfect candidate to support. Now, none of them are perfect, so I should say the more perfect candidate to support. He was right there, but they didn't or they did it in a belated way or in a grudging way or what have you, but not when it mattered."

I agree.

Levin stated that this is a binary election. He said that the Democrat or the Republican candidate will be elected president. Either Clinton or Trump will be elected. That is a fact. That is what will happen. Guaranteed.

MARK LEVIN: And so I think this is a binary election, at least for the country. Either Trump or Clinton will be president of the United States. I happen to think that Trump, despite the CNN poll and so forth, has a lot of work to do to make up ground, particularly in these battleground states. But Hillary is so awful, I just don't know.

But this, I'm not in the prediction business. It doesn't matter.

So, I'm going to vote for Donald Trump. I'm going to wind up voting for Donald Trump on Election Day.

I take no responsibility for the dumb things he says or the dumb things his surrogates say; just as I took no responsibility for the dumb things any candidate I vote for says, whether it's Congress, Senate, supervisor, states attorney, other presidential candidates. I have no control over these people. I don't run their campaigns, and I don't advise them. I may advise them on the air, but I don't advise them personally. I don't even know who their surrogates are.

Levin did a great job detailing the differences between Clinton and Trump, and explaining how he arrived at his choice.

It was a rational analysis. In my opinion, Levin was very fair.

I, like Levin, know that Hillary Clinton is a guaranteed disaster.

To prevent that certain disaster, it's necessary to vote for Trump.

If you're Never Hillary, you have one option: Trump.

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