Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Presidential Debate Observations: Who Won?

The first Election 2016 presidential debate spin was predictable.

Never Trumpkins on Twitter pummeled Donald Trump during the debate and after, while ignoring Hillary's performance. No balance whatsoever.

Naturally, Hillary supporters attacked Trump and declared him the loser, both throughout the debate and after.

And, of course, Trump supporters stood by their candidate.

Watching the debate, there were many times I wanted Trump to say things he didn't.

When the topic was cybersecurity, how could he not hammer Hillary about her private server and putting our national security at risk?

Trump had opportunities to hit Hillary on Benghazi, but he didn't.

Although Trump did score some points during the debate, there were many more he could have made.

When Hillary brutally attacked him, calling him a racist and a misogynist, he didn't respond in kind. He didn't talk about Hillary's war on women and her role in enabling her husband's abuse of women.

Trump also called Hillary "Secretary Clinton" while she condescendingly called him "Donald."

When Hillary wasn't looking sketchy and shady, she looked smug. Her robotic way of speaking is forced and unnatural. Without question, her responses were too rehearsed. She studied and regurgitated. She was told not to be shrill and to smile a lot. When Trump was on the attack, she would smile more broadly. It was amusing, but creepy.

In her response about crime and the police, Hillary said the cops were in need of training rather than focusing on the inappropriate behavior of law-breaking people. Then, she insinuated that we ALL are racist. We ALL have an "implicit bias."


Speak for yourself, lady. Don't disparage all of us and accuse us of racism.

Also, by any fair analysis, one must conclude that moderator Lester Holt was in the tank for Hillary, giving her a pass on her email scandal and not challenging her when she repeatedly lied.

In sum, what I saw was Trump being Trump and Hillary being Hillary.

Who won? Some will say Trump and some will say Hillary.

Totally predictable.

Although Trump didn't give perfect debate responses, Hillary's statements solidified my Never Hillary position. Her performance reinforced my belief that this woman would be a disaster for the country. Four more years of the Democrat agenda? No way.

There is one way to prevent Hillary from becoming president. Vote for Trump.

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