Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Ryan Lochte: DWTS - When Protesters Attack

A bizarre media moment occurred on Dancing with the Stars last night.

From TMZ:

Ryan Lochte was on the verge of being attacked Monday night during the live season premiere of "Dancing with the Stars" ... and the man who rushed the staged was taken down by security and detained.

Lochte had just finished a foxtrot with Cheryl Burke and they were standing next to Tom Bergeron to get the judges' feedback, when a group in the audience ripped their shirts open to reveal the round symbol for "No Lochte" on their chests. The group was booing the swimmer when one rushed the stage.
Disrupting a live TV show and getting a little notoriety was probably the point of the "protest."

So many crazy things are happening.

TMZ reports that two men were arrested for trespassing.

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