Saturday, October 29, 2016

Hillary Lies: Comey Letter Went Only to Republican House Members

While addressing the press about the Anthony Weiner - Huma Abedin connection to the investigation into Hillary's private server activities, Hillary suggested that James Comey's letter went only to Republicans.

From the Daily Caller:

Clinton said the recent announcement from Comey came as a complete surprise to her and her staff, and that she only learned about it thanks to “this letter sent to Republican members of the House.”

While Clinton’s rhetoric implies that Comey only contacted Republicans, that’s not the case. While only Republicans are listed at the top of Comey’s letter (because they hold all House committee chairmanships) Comey’s letter was also copied to the Democratic ranking members of each committee.

Clinton also dismissed as a “rumor” reports that the email investigation was reopened due to discoveries made during a separate investigation of former Democratic representative Anthony Weiner. Weiner is the husband of top Clinton aide Huma Abedin, though she announced her separation from him following revelations last month that Weiner sexted with an underage girl. That sexting triggered an FBI investigation of its own, which has now circled all the way back to Clinton.

The Democrats and Team Hillary are in full damage control mode, meaning more lies, trying to spin the letter as a Republican

Hillary's dragging out the old "vast right-wing conspiracy" crap.


Mark Levin had a great question for the pro-Hillary Republicans.

MARK LEVIN: Now, I have a question. For all those national security experts who are Republicans, or least putative Republicans who served in Republican administrations, who signed a letter endorsing Hillary Clinton for president: Don't you feel pretty stupid about now?

I'd ask the same question to the Never Trump people.

Don't you feel pretty stupid?

Levin also asks, "How can anybody who believes in national security vote for Hillary Clinton?"

She lied to the American people about what she did.

Hillary is under investigation.

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