Saturday, October 15, 2016

Milwaukee ISIS: Jason Michael Ludke and Yosvany Padilla-Conde

From Scott Anderson, Milwaukee Patch:

Jason Michael Ludke, 35, of Milwaukee, has been charged with attempting to provide material support or resources to a foreign terrorist organization, ISIS.

Yosvany Padilla-Conde, 30, also of Milwaukee, was charged with aiding and abetting Ludke's attempt to provide material support or resources to a foreign terrorist organization, ISIS.

...The two men were arrested by the FBI and local law enforcement near San Angelo, Texas. It is alleged in the complaint that the two were traveling from Wisconsin to Mexico where they intended to acquire aid and documents necessary to travel to Syria and/or Iraq.

Special Agent in Charge of the FBI, Justin Tolomeo stated “Terrorism remains the FBI’s top priority in keeping Americans safe. The arrest of these two individuals from Wisconsin, underscores how the real threat of terrorism can occur anywhere, at anytime.

From the Associated Press, via the New York Times:

According to the complaint, Ludke and Padilla-Conde began corresponding on social media with an undercover FBI employee last month and said they planned to travel to Mexico, where they could get passage to Syria and join the Islamic State group in Iraq.

Ludke said he converted to Islam in 2003 and wanted to live under Shariah law. He also said he was tired of living under the infidel's system and wanted to strive for paradise.

The undercover FBI employee received an email on Oct. 1 containing a video of Padilla-Conde and Ludke with a handmade Islamic State group flag in the background. Ludke said Padilla-Conde was striving to reach paradise as well, according to the complaint.

...Ludke told FBI agents that he and Padilla-Conde left Wisconsin because they couldn't pay their rent and he was looking to meet his brother-in-law in Mexico, although he couldn't provide his brother-in-law's name or information on his whereabouts. Ludke added he and Padilla-Conde discussed traveling to Yemen so Ludke could study Arabic, according to the complaint.

Padilla-Conde told agents he left Wisconsin because he was about to be evicted and Lude wanted to travel to Iraq or Yemen to take part in jihad, an Arabic term for holy war, and often spoke of joining the Islamic State, according to the complaint. He said he tried to talk Ludke out of it, the complaint said.
This is not good.

It's great the two men were arrested, but it's not good.

Two in custody and how many to go?

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Anonymous said...

So we should allow hard to vet Syrians into the country? I think we need to deal with Islamic terrorists in our Country FIRST