Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Poll: Ron Johnson Leads Russ Feingold By 5 Points

From The Hill:

A new poll finds Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) up 5 points in his race against former Sen. Russ Feingold (D).

The Wisconsin Republican is leading Feingold 45 percent to 40 percent, according to a Loras College Poll released Monday.

Johnson is also leading Feingold among independent voters, 45 percent to 35 percent, according to the poll, and is viewed more favorably by voters.
I can't bear the thought of the Leftist extremist Russ Feingold returning to the U.S. Senate.

Feingold is the ultimate Washington insider.

He's responsible for the disaster that is ObamaCare.

He is so radical that he supports abortion AFTER birth. Yes, that's infanticide.

I've repeatedly posted Feingold's chilling exchange about partial-birth abortion with Sen. Rick Santorum, September 26, 1996.

Here it is, once again:

Sen. Santorum: Will the Senator from Wisconsin yield for a question?

Sen. Feingold: I will.

Sen. Santorum: The Senator from Wisconsin says that this decision should be left up to the mother and the doctor, as if there is absolutely no limit that could be placed on what decision that they make with respect to that. And the Senator from California [Sen. Barbara Boxer] is going up to advise you of what my question is going to be, and I will ask it anyway. And my question is this: that if that baby were delivered breech style and everything was delivered except for the head, and for some reason that that baby's head would slip out -- that the baby was completely delivered -- would it then still be up to the doctor and the mother to decide whether to kill that baby?

Sen. Feingold:
I would simply answer your question by saying under the Boxer amendment, the standard of saying it has to be a determination, by a doctor, of health of the mother, is a sufficient standard that would apply to that situation. And that would be an adequate standard.

Sen. Santorum: That doesn't answer the question. Let's assume that this procedure is being performed for the reason that you've stated, and the head is accidentally delivered. Would you allow the doctor to kill the baby?

Sen. Feingold:
I am not the person to be answering that question. That is a question that should be answered by a doctor, and by the woman who receives advice from the doctor. And neither I, nor is the Senator from Pennsylvania, truly competent to answer those questions. That is why we should not be making those decisions here on the floor of the Senate.

That exchange is absolutely chilling, so chilling that Feingold had the Congressional Record altered.

Feingold actually refused to say that the life of a baby who survived a late-term abortion should be protected.

That's not just being pro-abortion. That's pro-infanticide.

If Feingold doesn't realize that an abortion survivor has the right to live, if his judgment and his character are that terribly flawed, then he's not fit to serve in the Senate.

The reality is Feingold does not represent the views of most Wisconsinites.

Russ Feingold's pro-abortion radicalism speaks well beyond that issue.

Feingold's JUDGMENT and his CHARACTER are the problem.

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