Sunday, November 13, 2016

60 Minutes: Donald Trump and Lesley Stahl

For the first time in ages, I watched 60 Minutes, nearly the entire hour devoted to President-elect Donald Trump.

Trump and his family were terrific. Trump was extremely gracious and displayed great control.

Lesley Stahl was the utter buffoon.

Where to begin?

"Why bother?" is a better question.

Anyway, did you notice the police sirens during the interview?

The 60 Minutes team must have had a microphone positioned near a window. Of course, I'd expect nothing less from the operation that ran with the falsified George W. Bush National Guard story.

Each time Stahl opened her bright red, poorly lipsticked mouth, I thought about how she would have handled an interview with President-elect Hillary Clinton. She would have been giddy, floating, gently lobbing softball questions.

 The interview was stunning in terms of the condescension.

Stahl kept talking about the protesters and dramatically pointing to them outside Trump Tower. She's clueless. We know many are professionals funded by George Soros or other Democrat allies. We know all about the DNC's tactics.

She accused Trump's supporters of harassing and attacking minorities. We know some of those accounts have been discredited. That didn't deter Stahl.

She was argumentative, barely giving Trump a chance to answer her snippy questions and charges. It was more of a debate than an interview.

Stahl really behaved badly, just what I've come to expect from a member of the Democrat media complex.

In the end, I don't care that Stahl acted like such a hack.

The Leftists don't have the presidency. They don't have the Senate. They don't have the House.

They're in disarray. They're floundering. Loons acting loony in the streets are all they have.

Americans don't believe the mainstream media because they've been exposed. The elites, the Establishment, including the remarkably impotent Never Trump crew, have been trounced by the people.

I guess I should feel sorry for Stahl. Maybe if she had tried to be just a little bit fair I would.

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