Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Anti-Trump Protests - Chicago, New York, Nationwide

What a surprise! Anti-Trump protests are taking place across the country.


New York City:

We saw this in Wisconsin when the Leftists occupied the Capitol in 2011.

Their craziness motivated us to vote in the Scott Walker recall.

We, of course, won.

Sane, peaceful protests are fine, but when the loons go nuts, there's a backlash.

The protesters elevated Walker. They helped him.

These protests can only help Trump.

Not the desired outcome for the protesters.


Protests to Trump’s Election Spread Nationwide
Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets in Manhattan on Wednesday night and converged on Trump Tower in Midtown to protest the election of Donald J. Trump as president.

Similar protests happened in several cities across the country, including Boston, Chicago, Seattle and Washington, and at college campuses in California, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.

In New York, the protests started in separate waves from Union Square and Columbus Circle and snaked their way through Midtown.

The protesters chanted “You’re not our president” and “New York hates Trump” and carried signs that said, among other things, “Dump Trump.” Restaurant workers in their uniforms briefly left their posts to cheer on the demonstrators.


Anonymous said...

There was a backlash against the social justice warriors who disrupted the Trump rally in Chicago. Not that I expect belligerent protesters to be pragmatic.

Mary said...

Days later, the protests/riots are still alive, accomplishing nothing - other than a backlash.